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Do you want to renovate your kitchen with a quality and beauty material? Granite is the ideal option for you. Granite is a natural rock that forms by the slow cooling of magma in the depths of the Earth. It has a great variety of colors and textures that give it a unique and elegant appearance. Is resistant to heat, wear and stains.

Granite is an investment that will last a lifetime. Don’t hesitate and choose granite for your countertop. We guarantee the best quality and the best price.

Granito Absolute Black - 3cm

Granito Avalon White - 3cm

Granito Azul Platino - 3cm

Granito Black Forest - 3cm

Granito Black Pearl - 3cm

Granito Colonial White - 3cm

Granito Crema Atlántico - 3cm

Granito Delicatus White - 3cm

Granito Fantasy White/Sequoia - 3cm

Granito Giallo Ornamental - 3cm

Granito Luna Pearl - 3cm

Granito New Caledonia - 2cm

Granito New Caledonia - 3cm

Shadow Stone Marble - 3cm

Granito Steel Gray Lethered - 3cm

Granito Steel Gray Polished - 3cm

Granito Stream White - 3cm

Granito Sunset Canyon - 3cm

Granito Titanium Black - 3cm

Granito Uba Tuba - 3cm

Granito Valle Nevado - 2cm

Granito Valle Nevado - 3cm

Granito Whisper White - 3cm

Granito White Ice - 3cm


Shadow Storm Marble

Marble is a classic because it’s been around the block for millenia.

Marble has a softness to it that granite lacks. When you touch it, you’ll immediately feel the difference.

Marble sees more wear and tear than granite or quartz does since it’s not as hard as granite or reinforced with resin binder like quartz. However, this gives it a more authentic feel.


If you want to give your kitchen a modern and sophisticated touch, quartz is the perfect solution for you.

Quartz is a synthetic material that is made from the mixture of resins and natural minerals. It has many advantages over other materials. Is waterproof, so it does not absorb liquids or stains. Is hygienic, as it does not allow the growth of bacteria or fungi. Is easy to clean, you only need a damp cloth and a non-abrasive product.

Quartz has a great variety of colors and designs to choose from, from the most classic to the most avant-garde. Quartz adapts to any style and taste. Quartz is a resistant and durable material that does not scratch or crack. Quartz is a safe and profitable investment that will increase the value of your home.

We offer you the best quality and the best service. Call us today and we will advise you without obligation.

Della Terra Quartz Arabescato Como – 3cm

Della Terra Quartz Carrara Breeze – 3cm

Della Terra Quartz Concrete Grey – 3cm

Della Terra Quartz Concrete Grey Honed- 3cm

Della Terra Quartz Frost – 3cm

Della Terra Quartz Frost – N – 2cm

Della Tera Quartz Ivory White

Della Terra Quartz Linen – 3cm

Della Terra Quartz New Venatino Grey – 3cm

Della Terra Quartz Steel – N – 2cm

Della Terra Quartz White Sand – N – 2cm

Della Terra Quartz Portofino Classico